I’ve found that being creative makes me feel good—like daily exercise or meditation. In my journal, I wrote:
Painting can feel like riding a wave into shore. It is thrilling and has moments that feel ‘out-of-body.’ 
Like listening to music, it rouses an emotion. I love creating wth paint, and when people look at my paintings, 
I hope they feel a similar feeling to what I do when I create them.
Bright and bold colors, rhythmic shapes — these have always been part of my painting style. My subject matter, however, continually evolves and some subjects stick around longer than others. I had been painting still-lifes of citrus fruit, flowers and then briefly glass reflections using acrylics for 5 years when I felt inspired to try something new. My nautical series began as a whisper — a whisper calling me to explore both a new medium along with new subject matter. The unpredictability of oil paint was refreshing, providing an element of chance that I chase when painting with more predictable acrylics. Seascapes were just different enough to imbue my process with a strong sense of "the grace of being a beginner" and thus allowing me to work more fearlessly. The boats became my flowers and the ocean’s reflections were a magic bonus.​​​​​​​

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