Trina Teele, a devoted artist and lifelong resident of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, celebrates the power of creative expression as a cornerstone of human experience. Her passion for the transformative role of art and creativity in our lives infuses both her paintings and her artistic practice.
Inspired by treasured memories of summers spent at Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and Long Island, NY, Trina's realist paintings pay homage to the entrancing allure of the ocean. Her artwork often evokes a sense of calm serenity, conveying the resonant stillness that has fascinated her since childhood. While exploring themes of solitude and tranquility, Trina also skillfully depicts the exhilaration of wind-filled sails, inspired by her late father's love for sailing.
As an accomplished artist, graphic designer, and private art teacher, Trina defied her art school advisor's cautionary words: "After five years, the majority of you will never pick up a brush again." Determined to forge her own path, she has since dedicated herself to a rewarding career in the arts.
Trina holds a BFA in both painting and graphic design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her work is represented by Gallery by NOA at the Groton Inn in Groton, Main Street Gallery in Falmouth, and the Chelmsford Center for the Arts in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Her digital art is showcased online at VCollection Gallery, and she has exhibited at SOWA in Boston. Her work has been featured in and juried into numerous shows and art venues, including the Whistler Museum of Art, Brush Art Gallery, and ArtUp in Lowell, as well as Gallery Seven in Maynard and the Chelmsford Center for the Arts. Trina has held solo exhibitions in Westford, Chelmsford, and Newburyport.
Currently, Trina serves as the artist-in-residence at the renovated Chelmsford Center for the Arts (CCA), where she warmly invites visitors to explore her studio and share in her creative journey.

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