"Art & Life with Trina TeeleAPRIL 10, 2018

Blogspot BLOG. I keep a blog that I began in 2010.  If you visit it, you come to a page of images. I really like this format. I began the blog as a way to feel more like an artist so it was meant to be about the images that I post, not about writing as traditional blogs often are. I keep it going as it helps me to keep track of where my head was at when I created different pieces.
FAA (Fine Art America). I like to keep this site as it hosts ALL my paintings since 2008. It is an easy way for people to see what I have done and to order prints if they choose to.
Teele Design Site. I keep this site because I maintain a freelance graphic design business. This also is the only place I exhibit my iPad work. I think the iPad is useful for both commercial and fine art so I like to let my clients know about it.
Teaching Artist: I teach privately from my studio at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts (CCA), 1a North Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824 USA. And I teach single and multiple session classes at the CCA. Please find those listed here.

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