My realist paintings applaud the beauty of the ocean and are inspired by nostalgia of childhood summers at Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. A viewer will frequently comment on the serene sense of calm in my paintings which is often what inspires me in nature. I use distinctive colors to interpret the ever-changing values of sea and sky. Although I explore solitude and stillness a great deal, I also experiment painting the collaborative excitement and momentum of wind-filled sails.
"Drawn to the Rhythm" 15x30, oil on canvas, $1800
"Lifting Fog" 12x36, oil on canvas, $1900
"Yellow Hull at Menemsha Pond", 12x36, oil on canvas, $1900
"Afternoon Aglo" 12x36, oil on canvas, $1900
"Stillwaters" 12x36, oil on canvas, $1900
"Purple Haze" 12x36,oil on canvas, $1900
"Red Humility" 24x36, oil on canvas, $2400
"Shared Tack" 10x20, oil on canvas, $1200
"Red Right Returing" 16x40, oil on canvas, $2240
"Three Afternoon Sailors" 10x20, oil on canvas, $1200
"Rainbow Fleet Parade at Brant Point" 10x20, oil on canvas, $1200
"Heeling Winds" 10x20, oil on canvas, $1200
"Red Skies at Night" 18x24, $1680, oil on canvas,
"Blue Refuge" 24x36, oil on canvas, $2400
"Rolling Fog" 17x25, oil on canvas, $1680
"Radiant White" 24x36, oil on canvas, $2400
Red Reflections, 10x10, oil on canvas, *$400
"Stillness II" 12x24, oil on canvas, $1440
"Sunlight Coming" 8x8, oil, *$300
"Spinnakers and Sails and Dreams" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board, $800
"Swells" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board, $800
"Harnessed Breeze" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board, $800
"Homeward Bound" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board, $800
"Early Winter Nocturne" 12x16, oil on canvas, $1120
"Red Sail at the Regatta" 16x20, oil on linen panel, $1440
"On the Sandbar" 30x48, oil on deep profile canvas, *$2500
Adobe Portfolio has not yet resolved their issue of not having captions for these photos. If you are interested in a particular painting, please take a snapshot of the photo and email me with any questions. I hope to resolve this issue as soon as I can.

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