My realist paintings applaud the beauty of the ocean and are inspired by nostalgia of childhood summers at Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. A viewer will frequently comment on the serene sense of calm in my paintings which is often what inspires me in nature. I use distinctive colors to interpret the ever-changing values of sea and sky. Although I explore solitude and stillness a great deal, I also experiment painting the collaborative excitement and momentum of wind-filled sails.
"Lifting Fog" 12x36, oil on canvas
"Yellow Hull at Menemsha Pond", 12x36, oil on canvas
"Afternoon Aglo" 12x36, oil on canvas
"Stillwaters" 12x36, oil on canvas
"Purple Haze" 12x36,oil on canvas
"Red Humility" 24x36, oil on canvas
"Misty Morning Catboat" 16x20, oil on linen panel
"Shared Tack" 10x20, oil on canvas
"Red Right Returing" 16x40, oil on canvas
"Three Afternoon Sailors" 10x20, oil on canvas
"Rainbow Fleet Parade at Brant Point" 10x20, oil on canvas
"Heeling Winds" 10x20, oil on canvas
"Red Skies at Night" 18x24, oil on canvas
"Family Sail" 8x10, oil on panel
"Blue Refuge" 24x36, oil on canvas
"Rolling Fog" 17x25, oil on canvas
"Radiant White" 24x36, oil on canvas
Red Reflections, 10x10, oil on canvas
"Stillness II" 12x24, oil on canvas
"Sunlight Coming" 8x8, oil
"Spinnakers and Sails and Dreams" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board
"Swells" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board
"Harnessed Breeze" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board
"Homeward Bound" 10x10, oil and cold wax on birch board
"Beach Exercise" 5x7, 10x10, oil on linen panel
"Early Winter Nocturne" 12x16, 10x10, oil on canvas
"Red Sail at the Regatta" 16x20, oil on linen panel
Adobe Portfolio has not yet resolved their issue of not having captions for these photos. If you are interested in a particular painting, please take a snapshot of the photo and email me with any questions. I hope to resolve this issue as soon as I can.

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